Call for Papers

To celebrate the publication of The Afterlives of Eighteenth-Century Fiction, edited by Daniel Cook and Nicholas Seager (Cambridge University Press, 2015), we invite proposals for 20-minute papers that address the theory and practice of the adaptation and appropriation of literary texts in any period. Topics might include but are not restricted to:

  • Republication in anthologies, abridgements, magazines or other print and digital fora;
  • The theory or practice of editing, collaboration, or “secondary” authorship;
  • Translation, allusion, imitation and other forms of textual appropriation;
  • The creative exchange between poetry, drama, non-fiction and the novel;
  • Filmic, theatrical, operatic, musical or visual adaptations of literary texts;
  • Counterfeits, forgeries, plagiarisms or other unacknowledged alterations;
  • Continuations, extensions, parodies or pastiches of literary texts;
  • The presence or impact of appropriative texts in a pedagogical context.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be emailed to Daniel Cook before 15th December 2015. We also welcome pre-fabricated panels of no more than three speakers, sponsored roundtables involving no more than five speakers, or alternative formats. Competitive travel bursaries will be available for Postgraduates and Early Career scholars based in the UK or Ireland (enquire within).